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Kinder-Cashmere Layette is made of 100% cashmere with playful duck and bunny needlepoint designs. Available in soft hues of pink, blue, green, yellow and white, this knit-wear will cradle your little one from head to toe up to 24 months.

Blankets and Pillows

Kinder-Cashmere's blankets & pillows are your baby's first luxuries, made with supreme softness in mind.

Each blanket and pillow is made with 100% pure cashmere. Lavishly soft and cozy, Kinder-Cashmere blankets with matching pillows promise to keep your little one comfortable and warm. Each blanket & pillow is designed using woven cashmere with two cheerful complementary colors and finished with a whimsical appliqué.

Ordering Information

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To purchase by check or money order
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All returns must be made within 15 days
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Meet the Barnyard Collection

*Actual colors may vary slightly from the simulated color combinations in your monitor.

hot pink background w/pale pink bunny
green background w/ yellow bunny
blue background w/ pale pink bunny

blue background w/yellow duck
green background w/yellow duck
green background w/pale pink duck
navy blue background w/blue duck

pale pink background w/green horse
blue background w/green horse
green background w/navy blue horse

yellow background w/red rooster
navy blue background w/red rooster

green background w/hot pink star
pale pink background w/hot pink star
hot pink background w/yellow star
blue background w/yellow star

Meet the Marine Collection

*Actual colors may vary slightly from the simulated color combinations in your monitor.

yellow background w/blue seahorse
green background w/blue seahorse
pale pink background w/hot pink seahorse

blue background w/green sailboat
yellow background w/blue sailboat

blue background w/yellow whale
hot pink background w/green whale
green background w/blue whale
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